State Support Team

Serving School Districts and Community Schools in Cuyahoga County (SST Region 3)

The Ohio Department of Education recognizes the need for an aligned approach to school improvement that is provided through a statewide System of Support (SSOS) applicable and accessible to all districts and schools, regardless of improvement status.  This approach is known as the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP).  The OIP is a structured process that when put into action will ensure a systemic and coherent method for building all districts' and  community schools' capacity in strategic and meaningful ways.  A set of resources, tools and protocols have been developed for use to make and sustain improvements in teaching and learning on a district-wide, regional and statewide basis.
There are for stages of the OIP:
  • Identifying critical needs of the district and school 
  • Developing a focused plan
  • Implementing and monitoring the focused plan
  • Evaluating the improvement process

The State Support Team for Region 3 (Cuyahoga County) provides high quality professional development and technical assistance to districts and community schools that support the development and implementation of these stages. 

In addition to providing School Improvement support, the State Support Team for Region 3 also is responsible for the regional delivery of services in the following areas:

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