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OST Item Analysis
Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Topic: Behavior & Climate
Sponsored by: ESC-CC
Presenter(s): Mindy Geschke
Description: This workshop-style session will guide districts in using the OST item analysis to create a new data file which includes actionable educative metadata including OLS strand, cluster, standard, anchor standard, points and modeling/reasoning.  Spreadsheet tools will be utilized to create meaningful data displays for analysis and interpretation. The output of this analysis will serve as a concise, actionable resource teachers and teams can utilize in their instructional planning based upon the results of students in their building/district.


Once complete, the analysis can:

  • spotlight trends and patterns over time (3 years math , 2 years language arts)
  • aggregate the number of questions asked per standard/cluster/standard/year and how students performed
  • break apart single and multi-point questions, easily identify modeling/reasoning questions, group anchor standards together – all of which make the data more meaningful for teachers
  • be used by TBTs to inform curricular areas of focus
  • answer questions on how well your instructional program is preparing students for the OST  


Disclaimer:  This session will provide the base templates for participants to use to create a data table with their district data.  Participants will learn how to use spreadsheet tools to implement the PROCESS in their district with their data.  Alternately, if you are interested in contracting with the ESC of Northeast Ohio to complete the analysis for your district, please contact for more information.

This event is open to the public.
Location: Room A [6393 Oak Tree Blvd, Independence OH 44131]
Registration Time:
Program Time: 9:00 AM and ending at 3:00 PM
Program Cost: $50.00 
Make Check or PO Payable to: ESC-CC
Registration Deadline: 7/18/2019
To Register:
Professional Development Contact Hours: 5.5 
Graduate Credit:
Special Notes: Please send your check/purchase order to ESC of Northeast Ohio, 6393 Oak Tree Blvd. Independence, OH  44131
For Information Call: Sue Coughlin

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