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Educational Artistry - Strategies that Inspire Gifted Students
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Topic: Behavior & Climate
Sponsored by: ESC-CC
Presenter(s): Kathy Frazier and Deborah Walker, Gifted educators & founders of Touching the Future Today
In this workshop series, participants will acquire mindsets enabling them to create integrated thematic units, develop skills promoting the 4Cs through engaging strategies, produce projects, and design simulations that actively involve student participation and higher level thinking. Learn strategies to differentiate the curriculum to meet the academic and social emotional needs of gifted students.

Workshops will benefit all K-12 educators, gifted specialists, teachers of the arts and other disciplines.

Each workshop requires separate registration.  
This registration is for Workshop 1 on October 27, 2020.

Oct. 27, 2020 – Workshop 1: Let’s Get Connected! Creating Thematic and Interdisciplinary Units Courage, Changes, Relationships and Heroism are examples of the integrative thematic units that will be shared for lessons and unit evaluations, along with hands-on activities and projects, to provide students with an understanding of relationships between the disciplines and real world connections. Exploring real world issues will support critical thinking, advanced problem solving, and service learning. Interdisciplinary unit planning also will be explored as an alternate strategy to connect disciplines through common themes.

The following is information only - to register please see the calendar of events.
Dec. 7, 2020 – Workshop 2: Re-Imagining Your Teaching through Differentiation 
This workshop includes strategies, resources and practices to help advance the 4Cs into classroom practices providing students with skills needed for their futures. Learn practical techniques to integrate the 4Cs into teaching and learning, tools for developing enhanced proficiency with technology, and methods to ensure that students are learning in a meaningful context. Techniques will include choice boards, independent study, conversation buddies, open mic, interactive technologies, and others.

Feb. 3, 2021 – Workshop 3: The Art of Teaching
 Instructional scenarios and simulations are powerful instructional tools to teach content, thinking, and reasoning skills. These teaching strategies promote student-centered and constructivist learning aligned to content standards and learning tasks. Arts Integrated projects in a variety of disciplines promote creativity, literacy, numeracy and invoke multiple perspectives and modes of understanding. Participants will create a simulation to align with a content standard or topic in their discipline.

This event is open to the public.
Location: ESC of Northeast Ohio
Registration Time: Registration @ 8:00 AM
Program Time: 8:30 AM and ending at 3:30 PM
Program Cost: $65.00 
Make Check or PO Payable to: ESC-CC
Registration Deadline: 10/22/2020
To Register:
Professional Development Contact Hours: 6.0 
Graduate Credit:
Special Notes:
$65.00 for each workshop
$150.00 for the series
Your payment, purchase order or check, must be received prior to the event date.
For Information Call: Nadine Grimm
Program Flyer:
Educational Artistry - Strategies that Inspire Gifted Students