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Global Education Training

Rapidly shifting global trends—economic, cultural, technological, and environmental—call for a generation of individuals who can engage in effective global problem solving and participate in local, national and global civic life. Preparing students to participate fully in today’s and tomorrow’s world demands understanding of global competencies: the capacities to investigate the world, recognize multiple perspectives, communicate ideas, and to take action. The Educational Service Center (ESC) of Cuyahoga County offers professional development training in global literacy for the 21st century. Workshops and summer institutes provide content knowledge and skills development for creating a globally-focused curriculum. Programs explore cultural competencies, methods for developing global awareness, historical and contemporary world events, exploration of cultures through the lenses of the arts and literature, and interdisciplinary connections.

Customized Social Studies Workshops for School Districts

Ohio’s new Common Core Standards for Social Studies require teaching Historical Thinking in pre-K through grade 12. Your district is now required by the Ohio General Assembly to incorporate the original texts of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and its amendments, the Bill of Rights, the Northwest Ordinance, and the Ohio Constitution, within their original context into the graduation requirements for American History and American Government. In addition, end-of-course examinations must test students’ historical knowledge of these documents as well as the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers that led to the establishment of provisions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Are your district’s teachers familiar with current research and methods of Historical Thinking? Do they practice techniques for questioning primary sources and for evaluating historic events from multiple perspectives? Are they using the best resources for teaching American History and the Founding Documents?

The ESC of Cuyahoga County, in collaboration with leading social studies scholars, offers customized workshops to prepare your district’s teachers to gain critical content knowledge, develop historical thinking skills, to provide research and analysis of required texts and online resources, and to develop best practices and teaching methods for these new state requirements.

Teaching doesn’t come in one-size-fits-all. Professional development shouldn’t either. Customized workshops can be offered in your district or at our facilities. 

Contact Information

Nadine Grimm, M.A.
Coordinator of 21st Century Learning 
(216) 901-2423  
Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Application: 
The Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching (DA) Program provides funding for highly accomplished U.S. primary and secondary level educators to take part in an intensive professional development program for three to six months abroad. Application Deadline: December 13, 2017. 
Fulbright Distinguised Awards in Teaching

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