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The Educational Service Center (ESC) of Cuyahoga County and the State Support Team of Region 3 offer high quality professional development and technical assistance to district personnel and parents on research-based practices that address academic and behavioral needs of all students. Educators are the key to linking curriculum and instruction. In order to be competitive in a global society, children need to be college and career ready.  Instruction supported by Ohio's New Learning Standards, provides the opportunity for students to be successful with 21st century learning skills.

Effectively bringing all of this expertise to the classroom requires adhering to organizational principles designed to help all students learn, and yet allowing for their individual variations. Classroom instruction should be tied to Ohio's New Learning Standards, including Ohio's Academic Content Standards - Extended. These documents will provide information regarding teaching and learning strategies to help students learn the curriculum and develop independent learning skills.

Contact Information

Lynn Hruschak, Ph.D.
Curriculum Coordinator
Angie Chapple-Wang, M. Ed.
SST3 Consultant 
Colleen Longo, M. Ed.
SST3 Consultant
(216) 446-3807

Amy Moore, M.Ed.
ESC Consultant
Andrew Pinney, M.Ed.
 ESC Consultant
 Jessica Tresko, M.Ed.
SST3 Consultant
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